Since we implemented a G7 ColorLink Solution we've noticed a sizeable reduction in makeready time and materials.

The Mosaica Group's comprehensive color management solutions have enabled us to print on any substrate and maintain a similar visual appearance.

Dan Bjerke,
General Manager,
Supreme Graphics

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Pressroom Color Management

In your pressroom, would you like to:

  • Save up to 15 percent on your ink costs?
  • Reduce makeready time, associated paper and ink waste by up to 30 percent?
  • Output consistent color that conforms to G7® specifications – and demonstrates that consistency to your customers?

You can do all that with the help of The Mosaica Group. Count on our team of Certified G7® Expert Color Professionals as an independent ally. We'll make it as easy as possible to skillfully manage and optimize all aspects of your color.

Contact us today to get started. Or, learn more about prepress or digital printing color management solutions.


ColorLink™ Press Perfection

G7 color standards are increasingly in demand by customers. CPP gives you an edge by going beyond G7 to help you produce consistent color that your competitors' can't match.

  • Strong process controls based on measurement and data collection for quality control, troubleshooting and to calculate press calibration curves
  • Exacting press calibration based on continuous measurement of your printing conditions instead of a single snapshot
  • Sophisticated device-link color management technology to custom-correct each color in the file to match as closely as possible to the target color while economizing ink coverage
  • Capability to upgrade your press to ink key presetting and closed loop color technologies for even greater repeatability