The Mosaica Group's customer service and technical support are outstanding.

Their ability to understand our business, anticipate our needs, expose us to new technologies and help us implement those technologies is a great benefit. For example, when we were confronting a capacity challenge, they helped us research, negotiate and install a new machine that increased capacity from 8 to 24/25 plates an hour.

Nikki Fischer,
Pre-Press Supervisor, BIC



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Offset Presses

Your customers are demanding shorter print runs and faster output – without compromising quality. For help meeting these challenges profitably, The Mosaica Group provides a range of high-performance offset presses from Presstek and other leading manufacturers.

No other company is as determined to make it possible for you to implement the latest technologies for a competitive edge. We offer a variety of creative financing options, as well as the proven support of our expert team to help you select, install and make the most of the right press for your pressroom.

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Digital Imaging Presses

  • Profitable, high-quality printing for smaller runs (500 to 20,000)
  • Wide range of substrates
  • Reduced environmental impact with chemistry-free imaging, waterless printing and less waste
  • Fast turnaround time –sellable sheets from digital files in as little as six minutes
  • Compact footprint

Conventional Offset Presses

  • Duplicator and two-color
  • Simple operation
  • High productivity and output
  • A range of configurations to meet your pressroom needs