The Mosaica Group is very different from the traditional supplier model.

They're more of an advocate for us. They understand our entire business and our big picture. They help us navigate situations. So they're better problem solvers and partners than most suppliers – all of which fits well with our efforts to work with fewer suppliers.

Steve Anzalone,
COO of Harding Poorman Group

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"We want to continue to grow, and in
order to do that, you have to be
competitive. The Mosaica Group helps us
stay competitive, helps us keep costs down and keeps us abreast of new technology"
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Ink Key Preset & Closed Loop Color

You may be able to save up to $90,000 per year through higher productivity in your pressroom. Let the experts at The Mosaica Group show you how.

An affordable solution that supports almost any brand and age of press, Ink Key Preset and Closed Loop Color solutions make your job easier, enable more consistent quality and help you cut significant makeready time. And every solution comes with the proven support of our team in customizing, integrating and training on this powerful technology.

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InkZone Ink Key Preset

  • Improves plant efficiency by linking prepress workflow with your printing presses
  • Integrates easily using existing media from press console
  • Compatible with a variety of manufacturers
  • Complementary to color, workflow and QC systems used in prepress and pressroom
  • $20,000 to $90,000 annual savings – excellent ROI

Closed Loop Color

  • An intelligent, JDF-enabled concept for closing the prepress to press workflow gap
  • Simple, continuous monitoring and control of all zones in the offset press
  • Indispensable to maintaining and logging a stable process as required by international standards